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 Introduction to the Course 


The prerequisite for entry into FOUN1001 is any one of the following: 

        CXC English Language (General Proficiency) Grade 1

        General Paper Grade A or B

        A passing grade in ELPT

Course Description 

FOUN1001 – English for Academic Purposes is a course that concentrates on the skills of essay writing and exposition.  Therefore, the stages of the writing process and the expository methods of organizing information are the primary areas of focus.  Because academic writing is the mode of expression required for the course, elements of the formal essay are emphasized as well as the rudiments of Standard English.  Students are made to appreciate such things as the differences in speech and writing, and the interference of the Creole in their writing. 

Course Overview 

FOUN1001 is a foundation course that offers fundamental knowledge and skills in the writing of academic papers at tertiary level and provides the student with basic principles that are important for further study at Levels II and III.  A pass in FOUN1001 equips students with the ability to present information in writing that is clear, matter-of-fact and objective.  Students will be able to make distinctions between the expository style of writing that is required in the course and the styles of narration, argument and description in order to provide the correct forms of language, content and organization typical of exposition.  This will serve you in good stead later on in your careers when you may have to write journal articles, books, conference papers, summaries and reports, for example, that apply to your particular profession in the Arts, Education and the Social Sciences.

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 Course Objectives 

The aim of this course is to provide skills in the production of academic writing at tertiary level. 

At the end of the course, students will be able to: 

        appraise the soundness of sample thesis statements used in expository writing.

        formulate and rewrite thesis statements for expository essays.

        prepare a sentence outline derived from a given expository topic.

        evaluate the content and organization of a sentence outline after constructing it.

        write effective introductory and concluding paragraphs.

        demonstrate logical and coherent paragraph unity and development.

        write an expository essay and assess its language, content and organization.  

Course Content 

Part 1:  Academic Language and Academic Writing

 Unit 1 -    Writing Versus Speech

Unit 2 -    Language Choice in the Caribbean

Unit 3 -    The Nature of Academic English

Unit 4 -    Summarizing

Part 2:  The Essay:  Writing Explanations and Analyses 

Unit 5 -    Prewriting and Shaping

Unit 6 -    Organizing Material and Developing the Main Idea

Unit 7 -    Introducing, Developing, Concluding and Linking

Unit 8 -    Reviewing, Revising, Redrafting

Unit 9 -    Editing

Unit 10 - Instant Essays

 Suggested Times for Completing Units 

Week one                  Units 1 and 2

Week two                   Unit 3:  Nature of Academic English

Week three                Unit 5 and Session 1 of Unit 6

Week four/five           Unit 7 and Session 3 of Unit 6 – Process and Cause and Effect

Week six                    Unit 8:  Reviewing, Revising, Redrafting

Week seven               Unit 9:  Editing

Week eight                Unit 6, Sessions 2 and 4

Week nine                  Unit 10 

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